Parallax scrolling has been one of the hottest web designing trends for some time now. The use of parallax animations allow the web designers to provide the visitors with an

exciting new way of navigating and exploring website content. By using slick and smooth animation effects, even a dull web page can become very interesting. This web designing trend is sure to get more traction in the upcoming future.

1. Sony


Any list of parallax websites will not be complete without mentioning the super-amazing be moved pages of Sony. In this page, the electronic giant displays some of its popular technologies in a visually stunning way.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

If you are walking dead fan, this parallax page is a must watch for you. And even if you don’t like or haven’t watched it, you can still appreciate the creative behind this awesome package.

3. Lord and taylor first look

Lord and taylor first look

Here’s another fantastic example of a parallax website. The home page of the site features various models and services. The smooth transition and bright colors of the different sections is the real attraction here.

4. Dangers of Fracking

Dangers of Fracking

This amazing parallax website does not have any other pages and still manages to be a fully working site. As you scroll through the home page, you will see each message in action and occasional pop-up boxes with additional informattion.

5. Cyclemon


This cool parallax powered website is all about cycles. Throughout various sections of the home page, you will find the same cycle evolving into different models.

6. Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

Unlike most other sites of this compilation, this website scrolls horizontally. As you scroll through the slides, you will be taken to the mountains, inside of a house and other places.

7. Scroll for your health

Scroll for your health

This very interesting parallax page features five different fruits and the benefits of eating them. As you scroll through the site, you will find the information revealing for you.



WAAAC’s home page offers a very neat and clean parallax scrolling experience. Each section is accompanied by separate animations and a small descripiton.

9. Sullivan NYC

Sullivan NYC

Featuring bright colors and attractive layout, this website is another excellent example of parallax animation.

10. VonDutch


This website tells the story of Von Dutch, an automotive enthusiast, who changed the automobile design industry forever. You will find lots of information about him by scrolling through this amazing website.

11. Atlantis


If you have ever wanted to know more about Atlantis, but never got around it, here’s your chance to do that in a fun way. This awesome parallax powered website provides lots of interesting information in a non-boring way.

12. Make Your Money Matter

Make Your Money Matter

This very interesting parallax website shows you the big banks make money based on your money and encourages you to use credit union instead. The whole presentation is very neat and meaningful.

13. Madwell


While most other websites of this list focuses on building up a story, this one takes a different approach. The various sections of this website are very different than each other.

14. Negative Space

Negative Space

In this website, you will find all the alphabets created with the help of negative spacing. As an added bonus, all the letters are provided with parallax animations too.

15. Highway One

Highway One

This interesting parallax page is about highway one, a coastal road of California. The very detailed webpage consists of eighteen different landmarks during the journey.

16. Boy-Coy


The boy-coy website does not feature that much parallax animations. However, the overall look and appeal of the site are still attractive enough.

17. Pi’s Epic Journey

Pi’s Epic Journey

This epic website of the movie ‘Life of Pie’ will take you through the journey once again. The parallax effects used in this website are simply stunning.

18. Lexus


And here’s a treat for the auto enthusiasts among you. This beautifully designed Lexus website illustrates different steps of the manufacturing process of a Lexus vehicle.

19. Hot Dot Production

Hot Dot Production

This is another parallax powered website where the animation takes place sideways. The smooth transition between the slides presents a pleasant browsing experience.

20. Employour


In order to view the parallax effects of this website, you have to scroll down a bit. But once they are visible, you won’t have any other option than to admire the creativity.

21. Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop

This very detailed website makes perfect use of parallax animation technologies. By displaying how we (ab)use water every day, it delivers the message clearly.

22. Soleil Noir 2012

Soleil Noir 2012

By using bright and bold colors, this website focuses on some of the biggest trends of the year 2012.

23. Rimmel London

Rimmel London

This beauty products website makes use of parallax animations in a really attractive way. The transitions are very smooth and continues naturally.

24. The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion

This is a website for British people which shows how their money are being spent. Various parts of the page displays the major sectors of expenditure.

25. Saucony Kinvara

Saucony Kinvara

From the top to the bottom of this parallax powered website, you will get to know how a pair of shoes is made. Each section continues from the previous one.

26. Hugeinc


This parallax website does not have that many sections like the other parallax sites. However, the website still offers a smooth transition between the sections.

27. Eros Balazs

Eros Balazs

This website shows a typical day of a photographer. The numerous sections of the page shows the photographer getting up, driving to work, doing his things, getting back to home and partying.

28. Bake Agency

Bake Agency

Bake Agency’s website features parallax animations that come from all directions. Browsing through the sections, you will get to know more about the agency’s works.

29. Chateaucreux


This website features some really cool parallax effects. Browsing through the different section of the website will reveal additional information.

30. Ninja Bit

Ninja Bit

This is the website of a game, software and web developer company. Browsing through the site, you will get detailed information about the games and design works they have done.