Interacting with applications from within smartphones, tablets, PC either by touch or with a mouse click is a decade old system. Everyone my age will only remember the clicks as

their first interaction with a application they liked to use. Now as the advancement in technologies touch is considered as the de-facto standard in interacting with daily application of need either its games, business apps or anything similar. Vision and touch for interaction with machines has now evolved to scale where everyone is using it without limits. Every smartphone, tablet currently made has only touch interaction available and no more weird and thumb breaking buttons.

Carve Mobile App

by Rolf Jensen

Carve Mobile App

Fitness App UI

by Alex Volk

Fitness App UI

Product Customization UI

by Akshar Patel

Product Customization UI

Profile UI

by uixNinja

Profile UI

Book Detail Card UI

by Deepika Sana

Book Detail Card UI

Houman – Mobile App UI

by Panolpy Design

Houman - Mobile App UI

B-Active Fitness App

by Ramotion Digital Design Agency

B-Active Fitness App


by Alex Kagor


Pura Scents UI

by STRV Team

Pura Scents UI

Kolab UI

by Creativedash

Kolab UI

Bedouin UI

by Victor Erixon

Bedouin UI

Plug Personal Device

by Sanat Rath

Logging in to all my favorite websites with a single master key.


Concept iWatch

by Edgar Rios

This is a project done based on Apple’s current iOS 7 and other “leaked” information.



by Stanislav Hristov

EarlyBirds is a platform that customers use to outsource tasks they either do not want, or do not have time, to take care of themselves.


Portable Soundcloud for Android Wear

by Petras Nargėla

Souncloud portable application designed as a concept for future android wears.


 Geo Tagging

by Cosmin Capitanu

Always smth fresh from you. Cool colors, good job.



by tczhang

A cool video player design.


Somethings Cooking

by Donald Johns

As you can tell…. something is ‘a’ cooking! Here are some quick screens for you all. Now don’t criticize to early. I took a whole 9 hrs to make these bad boys.


Daily expense

by Hasin Hayder

This ui design may be small but i cant skip it. Its so beautiful.


Genome Multi-device

by Michael Sevilla

We worked very hard to get this crazy site to work on as many devices as possible.


Music Player

by Cosmin Capitanu

Great work but not a big fan of those sliders. Or, maybe it’s because it’s all zoomed out.


Speed Detector

by Cosmin Capitanu

A design of speed app.


Get Cooking

by Cosmin Capitanu

A fun easy cooking app ment for tablets.

easy cooking app

Digital Labels

by Cosmin Capitanu

Just some digital labels to hang around the house.

Digital Labels



Search for the Metaverse. The worlds first social search engine. A social search engine with beautifully simplistic design.


Space Age UI

PROJECT BY Benedict Aji

Space Age User Interface.


RTM transport app

PROJECT BY saunier arnaud

User interface conception for RTM app. RTM is the transport authority of the city Maseille.


Audio UI

PROJECT BY Leonard Latescu

Audio User Interface Kit – Knob & Equalizer.


Spotify iOS Mobile Redesign


Spotify iOS Redesign Project by Pontus Wellgraf / Wellgraphic.




Test your memory and guess the colors of the Most Famous icons of all time! Brands, celebrities, TV shows … Are you sure you’ve got what it Takes?

Who Said That Line


Interface design for a simple but attractive game to guess who said that line and earn coins when you do!

Social Kids


Hope you like this child interface that simulates the followers of social networking (based on twitter). I think the little that could clarify is the circular button “Back” functionality which would return to the previous page (Home).

Skyshoot App

by Steve Fraschini

Skyshoot App is a concept similar to Instagram, but based on sharing your best pictures of sky, stars, clouds, only focused on the beauty of nature


Music Player

by Zhen You music-player

Bluenote Player Widget

by Steve Fraschini

A design done last night a new music player widget based on the great “Music UI” from @Sanadas young . Here is a complete rethink.

Infinity Rainbow Screen

by Steve Fraschini full-pixel-iphone6

Ui Kit Rainy Season


I make this UI Kit while the rain is falling. Yes, it is the rainy and soon to be winter. My work may look a little pale.


iPhone 6. An edgy concept

PROJECT BY JohnnyPlaid


Slate Email App

by Eduardo Santo

This is an Email App with a huge focus on usability while keeping minimalistic aesthetics. This should reduce users learning curve, and at the same time provide a lightweight environment.


Portfolio iPhone App

This is the user interface and user experience I designed for my portfolio if ever I had the time to turn it into a mobile application for the iPhone. It features folding transitions, nice typography, and well structured layers of content throughout  –  Enjoy!

PROJECT BY Brett Withjack


Movie Service UI

by Victor Erixon

Tried to find a decent online movie streaming service this weekend, I ended up designing my own.



PROJECT BY Sergey Vlastjuk

Dashboard and UI design for a web app.


Movie Ticket

PROJECT BY Piotr Kwiatkowski



by Erik Deiner

Part of a sign up page I working on.toggle

Sign In

PROJECT BY Brett Withjack

A couple beautiful signin design concepts, featuring my beautiful fiancé. The concepts feature a blurry background with custom color theory as well as a futuristic user-interface foreground that mimics today’s styles and standards, both dimensional and flat, not to mention a 3D view option show what it might look like on a mobile device.


Casual Game UI Starter Set

by Vectricity Designs


PU Profile

by David Kovalev Here is the member page. Uploaded Items on the right (also wishlist and likes sort options) The rest is self explanatory i hope.puZ_profile

Info kpop

PROJECT BY Dennis Japari

Info kpop is an info media about updates on korean star in indonesia, contains mobile apps and website.


Domantic App – UI

PROJECT BY Emilie Deneuvelaere

Competition organized by the Society of Automation “Domantic” which offers an original way to reflect their GUI.


Navigation & Graph

by Dtail Navigation_by_DtailStudio


PROJECT BY Francisco Martins

Application for mobile devices developed with the purpose of enhancing the services in hair salons and spas, allowing them to provide a more dynamic and personalized experience to each client.


Before Death App

PROJECT BY Radek Skrzypczak


IMDb The New iOS 7 App

by Dtail

The design idea: flat, clean and simple design that holds the ultimate user interface and provides experience like no other. IMDb is the world’s largest platform for movie, TV and celebrity information. DtailStudio build this iOS 7 App concept to be your ultimate source to find all about movies.imdb_app


PROJECT BY Stanislav Hristov

Here is the next game for iOS and Web. Playing a game should be a no-brainer and this is where User Interface Saves the Day!


Tabke Cookbook – User Interface

PROJECT BY Stanislav Hristov

The Easiest way to Create and Manage your Cookbook! Tabke is a beautiful combination of outstanding design, intuitive interface, custom icons, elements and illustrations that brings back the experience of the real Art of Cooking!


iStck – Application Concept

PROJECT BY Nils Hoenson

iStck is an iPhone app concept for the business people, stock traders and investors.


Movie App Prototype

by Steve Hernandez

A prototype web application for a movie/video service.movie_app_showcase

Sandustor Dashboard – UI Design

PROJECT BY UI Expert Group

Dashboard design concept.

sandustor ™ iPhone App

PROJECT BY Maan will take care of your cultural appetite in your native city but it is especially a very useful tool for exploration of cities you will be visiting. No more boredom, thinking what to do and getting lost in dead ends.


Coffee Compass – Finding the best independent cafés


Coffee Compass is a simple and efficient app concept aimed at encouraging users to seek out the best independant coffee shops near their current location. It is quick to use, gives great results and helps get personal recommendations.


Viber for Mac

by Aleksandar Djuric

More experiments with Sketch! Loving it so far.viber

FoodShootr Updated for iOS 7- Search

by Alexander Perri

FoodShootr is the best way to share your love of food with the world! Share beautiful food photos, see what and where your friends are eating and discover great places.


Knowledge Hound UI Design Concept+Logo

PROJECT BY Fabio Di Corleto

Logo, UI and icon created for the app project “Knowledge Hound” by Antonio Esposito.



PROJECT BY Arturo González

A revolutionary app, created to allow you to get around freely within the Greater Barcelona Area either when using a public transport system or sharing a private vehicle.


Skype Interface

by Flavio Santana Applying a new interface for skype call. What you think?


iMelo – A Music App Concept for iOS

PROJECT BY Harvey Lorimer

This is a project where I attempted to create a made up concept for a music player application for iOS / iOS7. I created everything in Photoshop CS6. In total, it took me approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.


App Mock-up

PROJECT BY Aleksandr Samoc

Great way to present your artwork!


Mobile Ticket App

PROJECT BY Piotr Kwiatkowski

A concept of mobile ticket application.


Chamonix Experience iPhone app

PROJECT BY Multiple Owners

An interactive and engaging Chamonix Experience iPhone app. Created to bring all the information required at the Chamonix ski resort into one simple place.


Energy Company Dashboard

by Etch

Some serious doses of data visualisation in our latest client project.


FB Game UI

by Danny Farmer

Still in development for the time being, this little guy should be pretty fun to play around with! The aim is to bring a casino platform that utilizes avatars into the facebook gaming space.


Flat UI Web Kit 2

by Chris Farina

Working on another Flat UI web kit. Stay tuned for more shots and progress.


Flat Dashboard Design

by Dhanish Gajjar

The project did not go any further, but sure I would like to share some of my ideas.


Orbit – User Interface

PROJECT BY Lorenzo Moschi

Orbit is a technology synchronization and file sharing that promotes collaboration safe and organized within the company.


Showdown User Interface Elements

by Tommie

File was split in four smaller files for easier management and grouped by elements category like:containers, form elements, informational widgets and navigation.


Vector User Interface Elements

by frbird

User Interface Elements for using on the web or a tablet/cellphone such as the iPad/iPhone.


User Interface Kit

by mygreed

Cool blue ui template which will add interactivity to a app or your design.


Another Weather App…Mobile Version

by Pons Creative Group

Beautiful transparent elements with the organic ones.


Project: Grooveshark Mobile


This is a design I did for Grooveshark Mobile (iPad). I think it turned out all right, the login could have been better.


HCPHUB Dashboard Snapshot

by UI Kreative

A nice looking template make for an admin dashboard.admin_dashboard

YouView User Interface

by Alex Townsend

YouView is a new IPTV television service in the United Kingdom which was formally launched on 4 July 2012 — with over 70 digital channels and seven day catch up on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, subscription free.


Smart phone website – Axis Bank, India

by vikram kalle

Axis Bank wanted to design a mobile site for the smart phone category. While keeping the design and the user interface simple and clean the challenge was to give the user an experience of using a mobile application with very less load time and a new user interaction to access information.


 Social Media App UI

by Ed

Idea came about when I wanted a quick way to flick between certain apps quickly or see them all in one place. After drawing a couple sketches of the idea, I came up with this layout, and it seemed to work well.


PS3 GUI redesign

by Matthew Cobb

The original designs gained an incredible response when I posted these designs 4 years ago now. I was overwhelmed with interest at the time, and have recently been asked to remake them so they are HD and suitable for publication in a new GUI book.


Chat app

by Vlad Drimbau

Here’s a shot from a chat app i’m currently working on. This is still work in progress, so feel free to jump in with some feedback.


iOS7 app

by Riste Lazoroski

Sismos app for ios 7 concept.Sismos-full_size

Travel Buddy

by F4D Media

Travel Buddy is a powerful, sophisticated and unique iPhone app for trip-planning. It allows you to organize and view different legs of your journey through a simple yet stylish interface. The app updates pre-configured arrival and departure times on the go via 3G/WiFi connection to the Travel Buddy servers.


Guided tour

by Malte Westedt

A different each step has its own loading progress bar. Check out the retina version.


Minimail App Interface Design [2nd Version]

by Adrian Brand

Minimalist email app user interface design which changed colors, buttons.blue_full_pixels

Surveys Dashboard v2

by Dylan Opet

A wonderful dashboard to survey users, orders, time spent and gender etc. surveys-large

MyBank App

by Dinis Bazgutdinov

An app concept built for iphone which enables to save credit cards, bank accounts, wallets, Paypal accounts etc in style.


DenizBank MobilDeniz | Windows Phone 8 App

by Merve İlgün

My User Experience Design&User Interface Design for MobilDeniz, powered by tmob.


Restaurant Profile

by ZamfirKim

We are working on the new restaurant profile designs for the iOS app of Cibando.


Cloud Storage

by Sanadas young

Gorgeous! Always glad to see 3D interfaces are still doing great .


Public Radio

by Mani

Dont forget to see actual pixels also download the psd file as attached enjoy.


Concept for budget/price slider

by Erik Deiner

Colors are great, percentage mirror effect.


Pricing box for a bookstore

by Ionut Zamfir

Looks super smooth. The only thing worth mentioning is the green “flaps” that doesn’t look completely round in the left and right corners between “We recommend”. Great job anyway.pricing-bundle

Shopping bag

by Lukas Majzlan

Shopping bag PSD made for Le Freebies. But have you ever heard an opinion that the size of the active element (up and down arrows in your case) should not be smaller than the cursor.


Graph screen

by Karol Ortyl

Second statistics screen. It will show precise expense height and date when you tap on the graph. You can also swipe left/right to move graph and show its full range. As always, I’m curious about your opinions.


TurboDoktor – iPhone App

by Karol Ortyl

Concept iPhone app – first one I’ve ever designed. A app search engine to check car repair progress.


Military App Design – TotalPay Illustration

by Creativedash

Promotional illustration for the upcoming TotalPay app.


UI Element Design – Like Toggle Switch

by Creativedash

This is my idea of a toggle switch for a UI i’m working on – lemme know what you think.


DataWiz GUI

by Artua Design Agency

An app which shows daily, monthly bandwidth usage in your own phone.


Fancy Android Redesign

by Ben Bate 

The thing I don’t like about Android is the lack on consistency. They should definitely adopt a style like this other than that beautiful app.

UX / UI Design for Android Business App – MobileDay

by Jackson Carson

MobileDay has an iOS app as well as an Android app. As is common in many app development shops, the business focused more on iPhone design early on. In an effort to be true to Android look and feel and user expectations, I’ve redesigned our app to better capitalize on established Android UX/UI design patterns while keeping the MobileDay brand intact.


App UI Design – SnoreLab

by Creativedash

UI design for a sleep-aid app.


Liquid Spins Android App

by Damian Watracz

Android app I have been working on with a Very slick design.


Compass Menu Detail

by Andy Mai

I’m keen on is the “Add Place” color and glow. Looks good, and the glow color seem to match well.


Note App UI

by Celegorm

This is an Android Chinese handwriting note app. Im still working on it.


Skype Redesign iOS7

by Tadas Jotkevicius

Fictional Skype app redesign project for iOS7.


Radsone App

by Martin David

This is a conceptual redesign of the fantastic Radsone app I made some time ago.


Phone UI Retina – Natalie

by Ismail MESBAH

The wonderful Design is what a user could ever want, How about a Sexy one, Strong and Cute, Smart and Gorgeous, as silky as a woman, We’re introducing the most sexiest User Interface Design ever, meet Natalie and tell us what is sexy.


modeSelect App

by Kağan Yaldızkaya

ModeSelect, people choose the current modes for an application. Also modeSelect, provincial and district-based modes, as people capable of displaying.


Inbox // iOS7

by Onur Oral

An inbox redesign for ios7 is here.


iOS 7 Relax App

by Hari Krishnan

Deep Relax App ios7 UI concept with amazing melodies to play.


Cally for Android

by Jahit Janberk

Cally for Android With Kiio Labs Team design.


Windows UI Concept

by Phyek

This is something I put together a couple of months ago during the winter break. Just wanted to create a cohesive Windows environment and avoid clutter. The desktop view includes explorer, ie, and skype.


Windows 8 Day Mode

by Danny Knaack

When I saw the first Windows 8 beta screenshot I was kind of disappointed because the GUI ist not that bad but could be much more better, so why not combine the simple Metro UI with the Windows 7 desktop UI.


WP 8 Redesign Mockup

by Daria Michalska

A nice fix for the WP 8 start screen giving users more freedom regarding wallpaper and personalization.


Kippt for Windows Phone

by Corey Ginnivan

Just like Fabio, I too have discovered the magical world of Kippt and thought I’d have an attempt at designing it in all its ‘Modern UI’ (aka Metro) glory.


WP8 Weather App

by Dorin Vancea

Modern Windows Phone 8 weather app concept.


by Martin Spurway

Currently in the development process, Tide is a Surfing forecast app, which is more natural way of processing wave and tide data. Rather than trawling through tables and bar charts, tide creates a more gestural way of exploring the waves through time whilst allowing fast access to the data that most is important to surfers.


Windows Phone RSS Reader App

by Roman Krizhanovsky

Simple RSS Feed reader designed for windows phone.


WP8 main panorama for navigation app

bu Zsolt Bende

Designing a panorama for a windows phone app.


Cadena 100 App

by Paco Soria

This is an interesting app, actually. It includes a few useful features. Check the attachment if you want to see the whole app interface.



by Multiple Owners

Web presence and branding for StayAlive – survival equipment.


Swedbank Windows Phone App

by Emanuel Andersson

Because Swedbank them self doesn’t show any response for the Windows Phone community, I have taken matters into their own hands. I’ve created a UI for Windows Phone (based on the iOS version) to get the developers on Swedbank to stop ignoring the fast growing mobile OS Windows Phone.


Plano UI Kit v.1 – Flat UI Kit

by Edwin “Eddie” Diaz

Plano UI kit v.1 – UI flat design kit. Make sure you see all the elements on the kit by checking out this lovily colored kit.

Weather forecast app

by EffectiveFive

Very Nice! Smart, Clean & Professional Simple weather forecast app.


Behance iPhone Application

by Czarny-Design

This is a personal project of mine. Every feedback is very appreciated!


July Flat’ish Desktop

by brbk

My Flat UI desktop inspired by flatness.


Login & Sign up

by Iris Eda Atalay

By the way I got this awesome layout from @Balraj Chana.



by Iris Eda Atalay feed

MyColorscreen App Concept

by xNiikk

Love the design idea. This will be a beautiful app.


Augmented Tourist

by Cosmin Capitanu

Top slider-switch(?) looks like a progress bar. Just two icons in the middle or one of the sides would be more accessible.


Digital Menu

by Cosmin Capitanu

Really love how clean this is. Great color usage too. Just curious to see an overlay on the top of the thumb.